New TOACS Facilitators

Dr. Amina Afzal

Dr. Anum Ashraf

Dr.  Ayesha Rehman

Dr. Hadia Razzaque

Dr. Humaira Shamim

Dr. Irfan Majeed

Dr. Maaira Shafaqat

Dr. Rabi Hayat

Dr. Sana Younas

Dr. Sarmad Malik

Dr. Syed Jawad Afzal

Dr. Shadia Amir

Dr. Umar Mushtaq

Dr.  Zaffar Ullah Khan

Dr. Majid Sohil

                                                         Important Announcement


  1. 1st Online Basic Concept Dermatology Course is going to be held from 10th September to 10th October 2020. Ten Classes every third day from 3- 30 to 5-30 PM. Register now  
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