Q No 1. Who should attend this course?

Answer:- This course is basically designed for newly inducted post graduate trainees of trainees of Dermatology who have spent few months in their Department. However it will be useful for all those Dermatologists who want to refresh their foundation knowledge.

Q No 2. Why should you attend the course?

Answer:- While conducting National Preparatory Dermatology Courses, it has been repeatedly observed, noted and pointed out by both students as well as facilitators, that, there is lack of certain basic concepts which need to be addressed prior to the course for better understanding by the students.  Therefore we have designed this basic concept course in the light of suggestions received during last 24 National Courses.  The main objective of this course is to apprise the students , of their shortcomings in basic understanding required to understand complexities of Dermatological diseases and clarifications of student’s misconceptions and confusions regarding difficult topics.  The course will also guide them for preparation of future examination.

Q No 3. Why the course is spread over a month? It will be much more convenient for participants to attend continuously (particularly from other cities) for a week!

Answer: The course is planned according to learning principles.

  1. Cognitive Load: It will be  beyond student’s mental capability to ingest, assimilate and utilize the key messages if conveyed without break. Breaks provide time to revisit / reflect the concept, clarify misconceptions and making effort to make permanent schema. More over breaks are designed for students to go through the essential material provided to them before coming to the arena of learning.
  2. No doubt, it will be more convenient for all stake holders (Participants, facilitators & organizers) to go through the course without breaks but this convenience will be at the cost of purpose of course.

(No one can eat & digest all dishes simultaneously without diarrhea or vomiting)

Solution to avoid cognitive load during the course  

On 9th December, the trainees (must bring own laptop, digital camera and 4 G internet device along with necessary clinical examination tools) will fill a questionnaire to assess their own back ground knowledge to realize their own gaps and deficiencies.  After wards, they will be distributed guidelines / TOS of the course and the suggested pages of text books to study before they join the next contact period. The TOS will provide clear picture of what students are supposed to learn. Students need to focus on achievement of explicitly described learning out comes one by one and tick them after self-assessment during self-directed learning periods. On first day, emphasis will be on “how students can learn maximally with minimum efforts utilizing the principle of effective learning”.

10th to 14th December  :- Self Directed Learning period

During these days, students will try to rectify their misconceptions about the prior knowledge identified on the first day. They will also go through the material (shared with them on google drive) for building basic concepts. During this period they may contact & discuss their misconceptions via WhatsApp and Phone with the facilitator during mutually agreed time.

15th & 16th December: – Contact Period to achieve already describe learning outcomes

17th to 21st December: –    Self Directed Learning period of provided material   for next session

22nd & 23rd December: – Contact Period to achieve remaining learning outcomes

The Last assessment day (any Saturday of any month) is left at the disposal of participants. When the participant assumes that he/she have successfully achieved the explicitly described learning out comes of the Course, he/she may contact course organizer’s to take the exam. Duration of exam will be 2 hours and will be held for minimum of 20 participants on a mutually agreed time on specified day.

Q No 4. How to cope, if any day / session is missed by any student?

Answer: – This course will be held quarterly in a year and students can attend any missed session in future courses according to their attendance sheet. (Without charges). Students must inform the course organizer about missing sessions at the end of the course to register for future.

Q No 5. What about registration fee?

Answer: – As per policy of National Dermatology Preparatory Courses, it is mandatory to purchase the CD of course proceedings so that income generated can bear the expenditures incurred on the course. If the number of participants exceeds thirty, the course fee will reduced for initially registered participants.   For further details & queries, please feel free to call following contact numbers.

  1. Dr Sadaf Naveed 0334- 4117895
  2. Dr Sidra Tariq                            0323- 5142071                   
  3. Mrs Huma Afzal                      0333- 5431810
  4. Mrs Abida Sardar                    0333-  8796815
  5. Mr Muhammad Ramzan      0333-  9019767

Mr Muhammad Abrar    0302-  6422622

Important Announcements

26th National Intensive Dermatology Preparatory Course From 13th to 22nd November.  Click  Apply now

 Registration before 5th November with evidence of online payment of CD charges is RS: 20,000/= only and after 5th November will be 25,000.