Brief Introduction and History
of  National Intensive Interactive Preparatory Dermatology Courses
for Post Graduate Trainees that were initiated at PNS SHIFA, and are now regularly conducted at CMH Lahore Medical College.

  1. National Intensive Interactive Preparatory Dermatology Courses for MCPS & FCPS candidates were initiated at PNS SHIFA Karachi in April 2005. Their main objective was to apprise the candidates of their shortcomings and guide them accordingly for preparation of examination. The idea was cherished by the dermatology community as being a unique,much demanded and required activity for post graduate trainees of Dermatology at National level.
  1. The first course was conducted at PNS SHIFA in collaboration with CPSPfrom 25th to 30thApril 2005.Twelve candidates (preparing for FCPS and DCPS examination in Dermatology) from Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Karachi attended. The organizers and coordinators of the course ensured to involve all available post graduate teachers of both Dermatology and Dermatopathology in Karachi and the program was an immediate success. Since then it is regularly conducted twice a years and so far 25 courses have successfully been held. The summary of all 25 Courses dates and participants is mentioned below.
  1. It needs to be emphasized that in the initial three courses which were conducted in collaboration with College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), the candidates had to pay a registration fee amounting RS. 4000/=. However there was no provision of payment or of any honorarium to the coordinator or facilitators of the course as per college policy. The coordinators and facilitators of the course never asked for any fee and also never intended and inclined to publicize this activity through either print or electronic media. The spirit was to curb the impression that the motive of this course is either to earn money or gain fame by publicizing the event.
  2. The importance of these courses can easily be judged by the growing participation from all over the country which reflects on not only the validity and quality of the course but also stands as proof of its standard achieved over such a short time period, ultimately staking its place in the hearts of Dermatology candidates.
  1. Initial 10 courses were held at PNS SHIFA Karachi and 11th course onward were conducted at CMH Lahore Medical College due to posting of main organizer. The twice yearly routine remained uninterrupted.
  1. Initial 14 courses were free of charges, however due to increasing number of participants and paucity of resources/funds(which is generated by sponsorship of Pharmaceutical and course organizers donations). it was decided to make mandatory purchase of CD prepared to include all proceedings (Photos, Presentations of all facilitators , Video recordings for providing feed back to participants of their mistakes , and Photographic Data of all short and long cases demonstrated during the course) of the     The fund so generated is spent on stationary, electronic gadgets, communication & transport, monthly remuneration of permanent organizing staff and hired during the course, IT charges including website, travelling, lodging and boarding of facilitators,daily refreshment of participants, food and travel charges of patients invited for demonstration during course, TOACS workshop expenditure for 25 stations and certificate awarding ceremony of the course.  ( Details of expenditure before and during the course proceedings is   attached) However the fund generated from CD charges is never enough to balance the expenditures incurred and remaining fund is provided by course organizers and sponsors. However there is no sponsorship cheque received in last three courses. The course organizers never want to publicize their names as they believe to “work for the cause and not for applause”.
  1. After the 19th Course conducted in November 2015,the course was accredited by UHS Lahore initially and thereafter with NUMS RawalpindiTOACS Mocks examination was also included since 19th The TOACS require lot of resources, as organizers have to arrange for 19 supervisors of training to act as Mock Examiners. This unique activity is source of learning not only to students but for future examiners as well. The mock TOACS examination provide practical forum to handle on ground inherent intricate problems of execution of TOACS examination.